'Just Do It'


“Just don't.” -AWeaverOfDreamsAtTheLoomOfTheMind

“Retarded hockey stick” -supineBanana

“'Just don't do it'” -NotTheRealMoonMoon

“don't do it” -loudnoyeses

“just don't” -artemis475

“That's a man that will go on to do great things.” -PrinceOberynMartell

“Copywrong infringement” -CaptainMURICA

“Stick the knife there. He/she goes by "T," which was short for "trash" in my town.” -Turtleproof

“Just regret it” -AaronBones

“” -JakeHawke

“It'd look right if he had one less chin.” -Illthinkofausernamelater

“Your lips look like a torn apart asshole.” -terrasono

“hope ur getting paid” -NickPetersen

“I will never regret this decision. Nope.” -PulloverNoItsACardiganKillerBootsMan

“Just drew it.” -Onesickpup

“this person is probably not very smart” -countrymilebehindtheworld

“"Now Nike will hire me for sure!"” -jbm0ney

“Now they just need a tiny basketball implant in their tongue that you squeeze to inflate their neck.” -Lambpasty

“looks like an anthrax skin lesion” -DrMardini

“Was it a cover up for a poorly done penis tattoo? This cover up is still poorly done...” -tkdfoster

“as a medical student i can appreciate this comment” -MCGunner

“Just ink it.” -Tukis

“Noke” -ImpeccablePictures

“#yolo” -Ogre9899

http://i.imgur.com/2uOBamR.gif” -tkdfoster

“He must be a huge field hockey fan.” -superfinn

“Her fav sword from Dark Souls. http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130210185624/darksouls/images/thumb/1/12/Server.jpg/185px-Server.jpg” -dannyhugz

“that's where i would have gotten it” -OPsMum

“Just don't do it...” -buhbee94

“Grow a beard for the love of god.” -tychoblu

“Probs” -TooManyRealLifePeopleKnewMyOldName

“Jeez, I can only imagine how infected that thing is going to get.” -thatonechickwiththethingthatonetimeatthatoneplacewiththestuff

“i can't...” -sharkatak

“Looks like a misshaped pho soup spoon.” -TrentleBerryCrunch

“Why do you not work correctly link!” -dannyhugz

“Also, not sure why I thought it was a woman *shrug*” -dannyhugz

“Based on my (admittedly limited) experience with user submitted, yes. Yes there are.” -Valtir

“'Just do it'” -LetsSeeHowManyTimesICanChangeMyUsernameUntilSomebodyNotices

“I was thinking a lacrosse stick” -sonotfunnyName

“I would turn it into gills for shark week.” -Kilo9R

“Nike... doesn't that mean victory... as in win? this is not a win.” -FirstWorldAnarchist

“"Come on, guys! Try and mock me! Just do it!"” -phatseejay

“Don't do it.” -McJimbers

“Is that a leech?” -RandomCulturalReference

“She did it alright.” -LooneyKartoony

“It just looks so shit.” -Lordbarton

“Yay field hockey!” -patrickknight

“Life fail.” -nobodyeverexceptthatguy

“Nailed it” -trob749

“The heart makes me think it should be a woman, but the neckface makes me think it should be a man. I'm conflicted.” -slong

“check mate hahaha” -OneStepAwayFromLivingOnTheEdge

“He just did it...” -MichaelC

“that's odd, my eye just started twitching uncontrollably” -somemenjustwanttowatchtheworldburn

“The thumbnail made it look like some kind of abuse...” -thehelicarrier

“so, is this one of those ones where you exit the tattoo shop and go straight to the laser removal place?” -musemime

“the neck tat... saying I dont want a real job for 25 years!” -DJTANK

“His girlfriend's name is Jean and he just loves her a lot” -septiens

“You can remake it to a pipe after they told you it looks shit.” -ToranagaTheShogun

“reminds me of this. http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2012/1101/play_hartsburg_sy_600.jpg” -ioncehadmoneybutnowihavenone

“This actually looks a little like me, and my first name also starts with T. :(” -foxymanshorts

“"Cut here"” -CPLWeeks

“"He just did it."” -Pleasedonthurtmefather

“after this nike changed it to "Dont do it!"” -markemark513

“I hope he gets sued.” -Rahrhino

“I hate it.” -chelicious

“Not as bad as that cockhead rapper Kerser tattooing his rap name on his chin, fucking lads” -SpazmaticJ

“why'd he get a tattoo of a field hockey stick? doesn't he know that's a girl's sport” -lumpiestgenie

“I'm not sure what's worse, the tattoo or the shitty photo of the tattoo.” -willabur

“It looks like the newport cigarettes check.” -imguriansh8hipsters

“O wow I hope you're sponsored.” -IveSeenTittiesClearOutSallyMae

“How the fuck did Captain Obvious up there get top comment? And no, I'm not bitter about it... okay maybe a little.” -InvisibleCretinizer

“you mean - money in the bank. This guy can earn some serious cash for being a living billboard” -Glumerlink

“So that's what permanent unemployment looks like” -EricMatthews

“Horrible tattoo? Check!” -ThiefOfTens2Hearts

http://i.imgur.com/4z214Ev.gif” -imbatman96

“Just don't do it.” -ForTheLoveOfTalosShutUpAndLetsGetThisOverWith

“It looks like a hockey stick...” -Lefthandblue2332

“"He asked for a 13, but they drew a 31..."” -montechia

“Just kill it.” -suckinsyn

“The positioning is so awkward...” -WineAndWork

“"Just dont"” -budweezer

“Looks like a gill” -AnthonySalinas

“Get off the stage sir.” -AshWilliamsGroovy

“Not sure if Nike or Newport” -lambo0198

“He must really love field hockey.” -tweetlebeetlebottlepuddlepaddlebattlemuddle

“Swoosh?” -TomBruner

“It really highlights his weak jawline nicely.” -IWouldLoveAMojito

“Just don't it” -imaginebaggins

“What tattoo artist doesn't simply refuse to do such a stupid shit tattoo? A desperate for money one i guess.” -PrivateParts

“Just undo it” -dhomeshwar

“*Just Fucked Up.” -therealkeezyF

“From the thumbnail I thought her throat was cut open...” -jennpocalypse

“Ahhh! You trace that with a knife, yes?” -USSRBDSMpetplayGreatcoatsOfficersCapsandLeashesfortheMotherland

“you my friend are a retard” -Yeeeeesh

“Just don't” -stapler117

“Hey, here's a radical idea, why not get tattoos that MEAN SOMETHING! i.e. army tattoo if you're in the army or a loved one's name, etc.” -reddawn94

“Nice "tat"” -RiotOwnzU

“Plus, he doesn't have a jaw bone.” -RockThunderpunch

“JUST DO IT better next time. please.” -freshlyshaven

“it doesn't make up for the lack of chin” -ltsparkles

“shid I thought my puma logo on my chest looked badd” -Didyousmokewithoutme

“it looks like a field hockey stick...” -danicaliflow

“Now you know where to stap” -yzaragoza

“It's backwards!!! And upsides th monohydrate Rt ui” -mustcatchfish

“I can't understand why someone would willingly let pointy objects near their jugular.” -SimonDigger

“Not sure if male or female. I'm confused.” -agustofwind

“Definitely not going to regret that.” -blacksun

“not even sure if it's a guy or a girl; either way, i'll do it” -butcakes

“The way the glare was when I first saw it I just thought he had a deformity. I felt awful. Now I don't.” -letsbringbackpinups

“Probably same place his brain cells are hiding.” -BeerStoreGuy

“Just Don't Do It” -cupcakelove

“It's not even a decent likeness” -freiman

“it's an aboriginal fishing hook guys...” -mlaw

“he could still contact the company and try...but yeah probably not anymore” -Glumerlink

“More like "Just don't"” -iamroseiamthebadwolf

“"Nike's swoosh logo is a whip in mid-swing" Sage Francis” -pwax

“Nike now owns your neck” -Slithis

“Hope he's not american, then he will get sued!” -Knifemare

“I...I don't know what to say” -WSUallday

“cause its looking left?” -wellyeahkinda

“a logo as a tattoo? thats retarded” -banquetforone

“ermagawd, nuike!” -bruiatu

“oh, we have plenty of those here.. http://www.sarpente.ro/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/tatuaj-urat2.jpg” -bruiatu

“Just....do yourself in” -Thorandril

“I'd get this tatooed on my shoulder, http://i.imgur.com/QsDSecs.jpgWear a black T-shirt and cut out a hole there and scream my battle-cry” -Arid

“With that chin, he's destined for greatness.” -NikolaTeslaWasCool

“...So, You're absolutely sure you want this Nike tattoo? -JUST DO IT ALREADY!” -JohnGehring

“My bad?” -Morpheaus

“Enjoy the rest of your life friend” -FennyKale

“It might be a girl... ponytail behind neck? post picture is a girl in a selfie” -LYNBON

“you're right” -NouNoffinGiosno

“+1 for awareness” -AsAnItalianItsDifficultTalkingOnTheWebCauseIcantUseMyHands

“I forget the exact quote but it was along the lines of "the marketers have done their jobs well when someone wants a tattoo of your logo"” -ohgodhowdidigethereimnotgoodwithcomputers

“Harley Davidson was the example used, I think” -ohgodhowdidigethereimnotgoodwithcomputers

“hahaha thats tim cliff for ya he got a shit cheap home job because he was high and thought is was a good fucking idea #newcastlescum” -SillyLittleFoxInSocks

“Nice hockey stick!” -ReaverMeat

“I'm just gonna pretend it's a field hockey stick.... wait..... still stupid” -MrPanucciCOMEON

“Had it done in a sweatshop in Thailand. Still paid $200.” -cruhnks21

“We have an I.D.10 situation” -HIitsRaVeN

“Oh dear God.” -laxlauren1

“mouth breather” -tenbusi

“Riff Raff does it again.” -tomkaguy

“Nothing says 'white trash' more than this.” -r0b0tc0rpse

“T” -St0ck

“I guess he just did it without thinking of what he did” -AndrewPitkofsky

“i thought it was sum leach medication or sumthing” -ZAHRAN99

“means expensive shoe that falls apart after 2 months in cherokee” -fecklar

“*cut here” -badlawsweremeanttobebroken

“For the greater good” -fitlex

“Is it just me, or doesnt she have any lips?” -dayneonimgur

“Check him out. Get it? aha” -naynrr22

“Idiots” -WillyWonkilla

“Just dont do it.” -sld1986

“That is one shitty tattoo.” -baconisjustloveinmeatform

“just bollox” -bigbadxenomorph

“Nike removed this comment.” -destinweirdo

“I'm embarrassed for him” -Squigglyline91

“friend of mine got a tattoo that said "determination" but they spelled it wrong so she got the nike logo over it. i was like *POKERFACE*” -mb567634

http://i.imgur.com/PMhZBfl.png” -wakarimasu

“You'e just doing it wrong.” -idratherbesleeping

“Good thing sharpie isnt permanent on skin... wait that's a what... well your life sucks!” -IamtheFUTURe

“Now that's Swag!!” -Pronix

“Is that a Nike tattoo, or is it clotted blood from having throat cut from ear to ear?” -crazytom57

“it looks more like a boomerang... /facepalm” -DisturbedGurl

“Arabic for 'douchebag'” -shammahrama

“Marking yourself for herd-thinning” -Idliketogetsomeprescriptionsfilled

“the mouth is exactly the mouth I would expect” -Richardmg9

“hahha you fail at life” -sprite27

“Looks pretty professional to me. Right guys?” -KimMertens

“1) This person doesn't make good decisions 2) If Nike did not pay him for this tattoo...he isn't very good with money” -chemistrydoc

“Plot twist: He works for Adidas, trying to show only stupid people like Nike.” -billyford

“Are there people that just go by and dislike every picture or something?” -IlRev

“Swoosh!” -AFWolf2012

“Just Jawline.” -rhuffles

http://i.imgur.com/m7hNmMX.gif” -SharkBeard

“FUDGE BERRIES!” -TooManyRealLifePeopleKnewMyOldName

“Just regret it.” -anxiously

“Just don't.” -aRandomWolf

“it's all part of the social darwinism project. Marking out the point for the guillotine” -MatthewMaher

“At first I thought he had gills...” -mindolluin

“*sighs* should have been aborted...” -XenoSandrock

“Righto! Very nice. I was going to say that but you beat me to it...I hate but love you.” -BodaciousBeaver

“Why?” -ThisisKhaya

“Why the fuck....” -laetus

“Idiot” -wiinquist

“In combination with the splotches on her skin, it almost looks like an insanely happy face.” -Morpheaus

“just did a bad thing” -makemedotorg

“Anyone else think blood should be streaming from that very nasty looking gash?” -WouldYouKindlydotdotdotquestionmark

“"yeah, but what are they gonna do? IT'S IN MY SKIN, BITCH!"” -Imisspelledthatonpurpose

“Hook right*” -myskittlesaremorelesbianthanyours

“Or ever again.” -lambo0198

“False. It's clearly a Gamma.” -Adderkleet

http://i.imgur.com/C54wvCX.gif” -ilikedogsandspaceships

“So that it looks like he's got a gash on his neck.” -DoctorAvatarTheLastOfTheTimeBendingAirLords

“This guy should have got himself a chin instead of a corporate logo on his neck.” -PrinceOberynMartell

http://imgur.com/yXGTsKs.png” -PressmanPressmanPressmanMD

“Not even Nike would hire him now.” -tarataqa

“Those are the tiniest lips I've ever seen.” -StupidNameIwillRegretLater

“Currently hiring right now.....currently...right now....” -LikeThatMatters

“Swooshtika” -taukohurina

“You just blew it” -youmaysayimadreamerbutimnot

“Hockey Stick (R)” -fallenturtles

“damn....no lips” -thundrlipz

“My buddy and I have a saying, "If you can think of it, no matter how stupid it seems, some idiot, somewhere, sometime has done it."” -TotallyNotJaimeLannister

“NHL owns hockey stick” -nesstea

“mcdonalds for life” -nagini

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xECUrlnXCqk” -PulloverNoItsACardiganKillerBootsMan

“The shadow of a hockey stick?” -SaltyOtter

“Close your mouth.” -HungryHungryHypocrite

“Just don't do it.” -T0atsMcG0ats

“I was thinking field hockey more than ice hockey.” -InvisibleCretinizer

“Or...walking billboard!” -JustNOPEDsohardicame

“Well, everyone's disliking this picture because it's shit, but usually yes, that does happen” -Rutrut4

“I thought Nike was the Greek god of SWAG” -YeeroyJenkins

“Why would he get it on his neck?” -TooManyRealLifePeopleKnewMyOldName

“where did his chin go” -WeedlordBonerLover69

“Oh, good. I see stupid is now marking itself for sterilization.” -Idonteatenoughfruit

“Well Nike comes Nike the Greek goddess of victory...so it actually mean victory in Greek.” -TooManyRealLifePeopleKnewMyOldName

“Just eschew it” -TheRicM

“"Just maybe mull it over for another couple years before doing it"” -kushielschosen

“Just don't.” -CoyoteSabre

“Things like this don't even surprise me anymore. Congratulations, stupid people, I am numb to your antics.” -CreatingUsernamesGivesMeAnxiety

“"Im sorry but we are not currently hiring right now....."” -philgood222

“"Yeah it means 'Fire Warrior' in Greek or something"” -PulloverNoItsACardiganKillerBootsMan

“copyright infringement” -nesstea

“'Shouldn't have done it'” -InvisibleCretinizer

“And it doesn't even look right.” -ISeeWhatIDidThere